Support SNAPPY York

The Snappy Trust, formerly known as Snappy (Special Needs Activities and Play Provision for York), is a registered charity supporting children and young people with wide-ranging disabilities, from across the York area. 

They were originally founded in 1985 by four parents who felt that their children had a tough time over the school holidays because of limited time with friends. They got together with one of the school's head teachers and arranged to bring some of the children into school for a few days over the summer holidays to enjoy some play activities - and Snappy was born!

They have grown a lot since then and now support over 300 children, young people and their families each and every year. They have expanded their programmes to include a variety of activities and events and aim to empower children and young people by developing confidence, independence and social skills but mostly, they give the children and young people the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, have fun and make friends. They are very proud of their reputation across the York area and of the work their incredible team does to ensure that every child or young person that comes to The Snappy Trust, feels safe, valued and happy. 

In 2018, they changed their name to The Snappy Trust to better reflect the work that they are doing in not only supporting those children, young people and families who use their services, but also the work they do in raising awareness about the importance of inclusion, acceptance and empowerment in disability. 


We are a member of The Snappy Trust Club 100, which is a fundraising initiative, designed to support annual funding for The Snappy Trust, through York's business community. 

As well as being a fantastic charity, we have a personal connection to The Snappy Trust as my nephew, Alfie, attends and benefits greatly from the activities and events that are provided by The Snappy Trust.

Find out more about The Snappy Trust and how you can get involved here.