Exciting News!! New Shard Flavours Available.

21 January 2019  |  Admin

We've updated our smaller Shard ranges:

  • New size
  • New price
  • New flavours


NEW SIZE - The new sizes are 45g and 90g

NEW PRICE - The trade price for the 90g shard is £1.25 + vat. The 45g shard is the same price as the 50g shard - £0.75 + vat.


  • Dark Orange - 45g and 90g
  • White Raspberry - 45g and 90g
  • Milk Fudge Biscuit - 90g
  • Dark Peppermint - 90g

In future, we will no longer be offering the Dark Raspberry or the Milk Pistachio, however, as we still have some stock of the old packaging remaining, for a limited time we will have the Dark Raspberry in the 50g size and the Milk Pistachio in both sizes.

We still have the Milk Salted Caramel, Milk Honeycomb and Milk Peanut Butter available in both of the new sizes.

These changes DO NOT AFFECT our 150g shard range.


Fran & Peter Guppy