Inspiration behind our popular Chocolate Shards

7 May 2016  |  Admin

Here at Guppy's, we have a very 'waste not want not' approach to life and when making our chocolate bars and truffles, Peter always had some chocolate left over. He wanted to make use of this in a different and interesting way, so this leftover chocolate was spread out on our stainless steel tables. We then came up with 4 varieties of inclusions that could be added to the chocolate - peppermint oil, orange oil, hazelnuts and toasted almonds. This chocolate was then broken up into pieces and put into bags. One of our first stockists, Sugar Mouse in Easingwold, came up with the name 'Shards' to describe the chocolate and thus the Shards were born.

We now have 13 different varieties of Chocolate Shards:

- Salted Caramel

- Honeycomb

- Raspberry

- Orange

- Peppermint

- Hazelnut

- Toasted Almond

- Blueberry

- Chilli

- Lemon Meringue

- Fudge & Biscuit

- Chocolate

We're always having new ideas for flavours and products. We've recently enhanced our Shard range by introducing 50g and 100g pack sizes. This was so that we could appeal to new markets and customers and it also gave us a chance to refresh the packaging for this new range. We introduced a new 'pistachio' flavour' to the range, which is doing very well. 

Try them to find your favourite!